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The Future of Pre Sales

Sell or rent your property long before its built by giving users the ability to explore and customize in true to life quality



Walk through a residential or commercial space years before its built


Aggregate data to generate a high level business dashboard that shows important stats such as: how long do people spend in the showrooms, how often are clients checking their listings, etc.


Visualize the scale model and unique characteristics of a commercial construction project. We’ll add the ability to open parts of the building, change time of day and adds realism to the various exterior aspects.


Each Metaverse showroom needs to come with customizable aspects in order to make the consumer experience as magical as possible

Are you ready for Metaverse Presales ?

No longer do your customers have to travel to visit showrooms in crowded city centres. Allow them to walk around and customize their future home, office or condo in the Metaverse in true to life quality from their computer or mobile device