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date image icon November 22, 2020

7 Tips for Getting Started with AR Advertising

1- Pre-experience the product

When shopping online, it’s always difficult to predict how a product will look before actually seeing it in the flesh. This is where augmented reality comes in. With AR, your customer can test your product, without ever actually touching it, and form an emotional connection with your product and brand. After product testing using AR, the chances of the customer making a purchase increases. This is a very effective tip from an advertising and selling perspective.

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2. Additional information

AR technology must provide additional information about the product. When the customer is scanning the product, he must view every single piece of information about that product. He must see what is the manufacturing date, expiry date, product material details, retail price, company view about a product, reviews of customers, sales ratio, a quantity of product, etc. when any customer knows those details, he feels good that he has complete knowledge of that product and the product is saved for him. This has proven to increase the magnitude of sales.

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3. Easy to Access

As we always say at Genius Ventures: “it’s all about the customer journey”. The process which leads your customer to test your 3D product must be easy. Customers must reach your product with just one single click.  The AR technology must be easy to use and familiar to the customer. If a customer decides to buy your product, then there must be an order button in front of the title bar. When a customer uses the AR technology, then there should be a tutorial option explaining how to use this technology – this can be short and simple, but clear direction is important or your leads will drop off. And this way, a customer can easily use AR technology and professionally to purchase your product. Everything is available at the click of your customer’s finger.

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4. Distinctive Design

Your AR technology must have a distinct design as compared to the other market designs. The design plays an important role to attract your customers. Consider this: there are two online shops in front of a person’s eyes. Which shop will the person choose? Of course! The most visually attractive and realistic. So, your priority is to attract the customer toward your shop. Now, AR technology is growing day-by-day. So, you should go into the market with your own distinctive style. Your brand has your style and look. This tip will affect a lot to drive the traffic toward your online shop.

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5. Word of Mouth

If you are successful to apply this technique, your sales will tenfold. Word of mouth is and has always been the top advertising technique for any brand, company, or product. This means that people are talking about your brand with their friends, family, and colleagues. This happens only when your services are unique, your product is best, your price is low, your quality is supreme and you serve the people better than all others. So, for an AR advertisement, you must create this technique. 

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7. Emotional Attachment

AR technology advertisements are immersive, it helps the marketer to create an emotional attachment to the customer. Customers are not only seeing the product but they’re also interacting with it. It’s like a video game for consumers. They can urge the customer to buy the product. If the customer is emotionally attached to the product and consumer then the sales ratio increases many times. The sale is all about the emotional attachment. Every action of a human is directly or indirectly connected with his emotions. So, you must know how to create an emotional attachment with customers.

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