date image icon January 22, 2021

8 Benefits of Augmented Reality In E-Commerce

We have used Augmented Reality in the form of games and social media filters. But now, AR has entered into the world of eCommerce and transformed online shopping completely. Augmented Reality is such a use of technology that incorporates the digital world in our physical world. Computer-generated information in the form of text or images adds up in the real physical world and changes our perception. Its use is becoming increasingly popular in online shopping. As offline shopping has one advantage over online shopping, it is being physically present in the store and checking things in Reality. This advantage of offline shopping has been taken away by shopping online only through AR technology. Among various implications and advantages of Augmented Reality in eCommerce. The most significant are as follows:

1.Attract offline shoppers

In this digital era, people prefer online shopping over offline because of some lack of time or facility. Still, many people like to buy offline because of the uncertainty of the product’s quality ordered online. Augmented Reality has now taken this benefit out of offline shopping and put it in online shopping. It ultimately is increasing the transformation of customers.

2.Increase customer engagement 

AR technology tends to increase customer engagement by 66%. It becomes successful in catching the attention of the customers. Customers will spend more time on the websites using AR technology and hence will buy something. Even if they don’t, they have become aware of your website and can purchase anything in the future.


3.Augmented Reality in E-Commerce increases the conversion rates

An estimation has shown that conversion without AR is 3.5%, and with AR, it is 11%. AR provides much more info than simple online shopping, where only static images are there for viewing. AR gives us the 3D view and offers the experience of how it will look on yourself or in your living room, etc., if it is a furniture item.

4.Viewing the product in detail

Online shopping only presents a 2D image of a product, and customers have to rely on this image to make buying decisions. Augmented Reality in E-Commerce has opened the doors of shopping by feeling the virtual effect in the same manner as the real products in real physical stores. You need to use only a smartphone or tablet to view the work from every angle and in more detail.


5.Customized shopping

Customers can now make correct buying decisions without the fear of having to return the wrong product. They can select the colour, size, shape of the product, and how it will look on their body or in their home. Thus, AR fills the gap in online shopping. Various brands are now using the Augmented Reality E-Commerce app. For example, Nike has provided the try-on AR facility to guide you about which colour or size of shoes will fit into your feet.

6.Shopping time and testing

Customers usually spend an average of online 2 minutes before deciding about buying the item. This time increases when shopping with Augmented Reality because customers are trying to feel various products in the same way as in real life. The more time they spend, the better are the chances that they will ultimately purchase that product.


7.AR increases the fame of your brand

AR is an emerging technology whose charm has not ended yet. The businesses that use this technology appear more advanced and smart. Similarly, if you want to promote your brand, using advanced technologies tends to make you look trendy and up to date. Customers would love to associate themselves with such a progressive brand, which is using the latest technology.


8. AR makes products look more classy

Research has found out that 40% of customers are ready to pay more for the product they have viewed using AR technology. What makes the same product more desirable? AR polishes the product’s features and makes it look shinier and premium quality. Even the customers who don’t have any previous intent to buy the product will find themselves buying it.


Augmented Reality is the emerging technology of the era. The market is not saturated yet, and AR is still trendy and exciting. Using AR will make your brand shine and look more elegant. The time is now to incorporate this technology and boost your brand; otherwise, your competitors will surpass you.


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